Sunday, October 21, 2012

The darkness deepens!

From Facebook;


The darkness deepens against our people. It is time to post this again so that those unseen to us know that we place our trust and faith in Yahweh.

He will fight the battle for us. 

And though you may murder every single one of us, one day you will look to the heavens and see the sign of the coming of the son of man. 

In that moment you will see Yeshua and the entire host of heaven. He will be coming to redeem his children and judge the wicked and at that moment, the wicked will die. 

There is much that is shown to many of us. Some we have been commanded by Yahweh never to share in this life. One that I can share is that I have heard the voices of the wicked worldwide at his appearance, the voices of man, all at once crying out in terror as the Lord, at his appearance, reveals their doom to them! 

It is the most terrifying sound I have ever heard.

For they who now plot our death and those who standby and watch:


Yes, I am the face of the Boer Nations, once I was young and strong and Yahweh led me in all things. Always the cross has been before me though there are those who think otherwise.

Look deeply into my face and see the face of Yeshua for I am the living Yeshua through these the Boere and my many years of suffering and unspeakable horrors is the measure and a testament of judgement against those nations who will say to me, Lord, Lord did we not do many wonderful things in your name?

I will say to them, look deeply into my face and see the face of the Boere that you transgressed again and again and remained unrepentant to my face. And self righteously in my name you evil nations arrogantly and haughtily did these works which are drenched in the blood of the Boeres. Your works in my name are no better than filthy rags.

Depart from me you servants of Satan, I, Yeshua and my Father never knew you. 

And those nations will be cast from the heavens.

The post was going to end here but these words came to me.

And further you nations that stood by at the turn of the century of the 1900's and did the same things to my people, do you not know that this was the beginning of the judgment of your characters by me, I AM, when you did the same things to these, my people the Boer?

Is it proof you seek? 

A sign? 
Did I not tell you that no sign would be given thee? 

How is it that my word so ever before you evil nations, you have turned from again and again and refused to repent, see, understand or even to seek or ask my counsel?

I still have the answers you seek.

Matthew 12:39

21st Century King James Version (KJ21)
39 - But He answered and said unto them, “An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign, and there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonah.

You judge these words that I have given my servants to write and those that I send to be false as you have done through the ages, yet your own history reveals the truth.

I gave you many chances to repent at the turn of the century of the 1900's and to my face you refused! I even sent messengers directly to many of your your rulers!

You murdered my people and not just murdered them but savagely and without conscious, mercy or compassion!

YOU butchered their children and wives, sons and daughters? Mothers, you murdered MOTHERS, do you not remember that I hold mothers especially dear?

You other nations stood by and did nothing or profited from these war machines.

I gave you some of the greatest empires on earth, one empire so vast that never the sun set upon its borders. I gave these empires vast riches of wealth and knowledge. 

All freely given by me for you to SHARE with the other nations but you refused and blinded by your greed and arrogance you set out to oppress and subjugate.

Now, the sun has set on one of these empires and will never rise again. This empire was judged and found wanting. Still I would have kept this empire close had you just repented and turned back to me. To this day and to my face you still refuse to repent or even see me.

And now all of you other nations, once again align yourselves with the powers of darkness and against my people to do these same things! 

Do not be deceived! 

I and my host of Heaven see all these deeds!

I have turned from you evil nations not because I wanted to. I wanted to bless you and reveal my love to you through deep spiritual truths and so much more but you rejected me and now your leaders are incapable of making decisions, your nations are filled with apostasy as you were warned. Your crops fail, your eco-systems are collapsing and your people are given up to false idols of every sort. Few seek my face. 

And there is the sign you seek, the sign YOU have earned. You are destroying yourselves from within blinded by greed and lust of every kind.

I have yet to pour out the fullness of my spirit on mankind and in that day, you will see the beginning of my power. 

I will raise up prophets. children will speak profound wisdom, men and women of great faith will be given to my people and my light will shine from them! 

You will see and not believe what you see but you will know it is me.

It will be your last chance to repent and seek my face!

Turn from your evil against my people all you nations for your cup of iniquity is before me and it sickens me. I will repay, judgement is mine and I will repay!

You think my people have an army, I say to you, I AM, I am their army. I am coming through my Son Yeshua and with the entire host of the ARMIES OF HEAVEN to judge your world and redeem all of my people wherever they are. I am that I AM

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